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Leifheit Active Spin Mop and Bucket Set 56793

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Leifheit Active Spin Mop and Bucket Set 56793
Leifheit clean twist disc mop active set cleans every floor perfectly wet or dry and stands up on its own. This clever wet floor mop has a rotating mechanism in the handle that spins the mop head in the mop wringer when the handle is pressed. This patented spin mechanism efficiently controls how wet or dry the microfiber mop head is before it hits the floor! Press and rotate 4 x for tiles and 6 x for wood, parquet or laminate. The clean twist disc mop actives rotating mechanism can be operated using just one hand--no balancing, bending over or hands in dirty water. But the mops most unique feature is that it is self-standing: it stands up on its own without leaning or being propped up. It stores anywhere and cleans everywhere! The mop head swivel up to 180 degree to reach under low furniture and in hard-to-reach corners. Leifheit has also designed the mop to be back friendly the telescopic handle can be extended to match your height within a range of 40.9 to 51 inches. The leaflet clean twist disc mop active floor cleaning kit comes complete with mop and telescopic handle, mop wringer and 4-gallon (15-litre) bucket with spout. The microfiber mop head is easily replaceable and washable at 130 degrees.Product Features: Brand: LeifheitModel Number: 56793Type: Cleaning Tools & AccessoriesColor: Green
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