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Knipex Pliers Groove Joint Alligator® 250mm 88 01 250

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Knipex Pliers Groove Joint Alligator® 250mm 88 01 250
The Knipex 88 01 Series Alligator waterpump pliers with dipped PVC handles and a box joint design prevents slipping from the work piece. The gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth to approx. 61 HRC offering high wear resistance and stable gripping. They are made from chrome vanadium electric steel, that has been oil hardened. They offer more output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length and have a 9-notch adjustment positioning for 30 % more gripping capacity. The slim design of the head and joint area provide good access to the work piece and self-locking on pipes and nuts means no slipping on the work piece and low hand force required. Alligator waterpump pliers have a robust construction, insensitive to dirt. Particularly suitable for outdoor work. The guard prevents operators fingers being pinched. Specification Capacity: 88 01 180: Hex: 36mm, Pipe: 42mm.88 01 250: Hex: 46mm, Pipe: 50mm.88 01 300: Hex: 60mm, Pipe: 70mm.88 01 400: Hex: 95mm, Pipe: 90mm.Knipex 88 01 250 Alligator Waterpump Pliers PVC Grip is supplied loose unpackaged. Length: 180mm (7in).Capacity: 36mm. Alligator Waterpump Pliers PVC Grip 250mm - 50mm Capacity
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Brand Knipex
UPC/EAN 4003773022992
Model Number 88 01 250
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