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Vernilac Timbertone Classic Clear 606 Mahogany 0.75Ltr

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TIMBERTONE CLASSIC is a coloured wood impregnating varnish that can be applied on any exterior and interior wooden surface, like doors, windows, beams, frames, wooden lagging, trims, rails, fences, pergolas, garden furniture, etc. It penetrates deeply in the wood's pore and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria on the coating. It has exceptional resistance properties against harsh weather conditions and sunlight, does not crack, blister or peel and provides long term protection and beauty that lasts.

Surface preparation

Ensure that the surface is in sound condition, free from dust, grease, dirt, poorly adhesive materials and thoroughly sanded by a suitable abrasive paper. On bare timber, clean the surface, by using VERNILAC's nitrocellulose thinner N1. On previously painted wooden surfaces, remove completely all loose and flaking paint or varnish, by using VERNILAC's PAINT REMOVER. During application, wood moisture should not exceed 14%. For enhanced maintenance and long term protection of woodworks against fungi, mould, blue stains woodworms and termites, pre-treatment with TIMBERTONE GUARD or TIMBERTONE PLUS of VERNILAC is recommended.



On a properly cleaned and sanded surface, after thorough stirring of the product, apply by brush, spray or dipping 1 coat of colourless TIMBERTONE CLASSIC as primer, in order to achieve deep penetration in the wood's pore. Then, apply 1-2 undiluted coats of coloured TIMBERTONE CLASSIC. The final appearance of the wooden surface depends on the number of coatings that were applied, the absorption of the wood and the initial colouration of wood  (natural or artificial). During application and drying time humidity should be below 75% and temperature above 5oC. For an exceptional, flexible and water repellent finish, apply on top of TIMBERTONE CLASSIC 2-3 coatings of clear water based acrylic varnish AQUACARE

8-10 m2 per litre approximately, depending on the surface texture and the method of application.

Colour shades
Available in colourless and 10 shades from TIMBERTONE CLASSIC colour card. TIMBERTONE CLASSIC can be also tinted in 88 MODERN & CLASSIC shades, by using VERNILAC's COLOR CREATIONS Tinting System.

It can be stored for 12 months in factory sealed containers, in a cool, dry place and temperatures ranging from 5oC to 35oC. Left over product must be stored in similar conditions and in tightly resealed containers.

Clean up
Clean up tools and equipment with VERNILAC's WHITE SPIRIT for TIMBERTONE CLASSIC and with plenty of water and household detergent for AQUACARE, immediately after use. Do not empty waste solvent into drains or watercourses. 

Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
The maximum EU limit value (Directive 2004/42/CE) for this product [Category A/f (Interior and exterior minimal buildwood stains), Type SB] is 700 g/l (2010). This product contains maximum 699 g/l VOC (ready for use).

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