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Router Bit Set Colet Size 6mm 12pcs/set


12 router bits
Wooden box with snug 6mm housing for router shanks

AED 395.00

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Shipping Rates

Round over: Diameter: 22.2mm, Radius: 6.3mm

Cove: Diameter: 22mm, Radius: 6.3mm

Dovetail: Diameter: 22.7mm, Angle: 14°

Chamfer: Diameter: 32mm, Angle: 45°

Rabbeting: Diameter: 12.7mm

Dado: Diameter: 22.7mm

Round nose: Diameter:12.7mm, Radius: 6.35mm

Dado: Diameter: 15.88mm

Dado: Diameter: 6.35mm

Round over: Diameter: 28.6mm, Radius: 9.5mm

V-groove: Diameter: 12.7mm, Angle: 90°

Roman Ogee: Diameter: 25mm, Radius: 4mm

Shipping Weight: 4kg

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