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Paradiso Fire Lighter Liquid 1Ltr PFL1L

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Use this Lighter Fluid to fire up the grill and fan the flames of appetite at your next BBQ. This lighter fluid is made with a high-quality formula, making it the best way to light traditional charcoal briquettes and gets you grilling quickly. The odorless charcoal lighter fluid leaves behind no aftertaste, so you are guaranteed a delicious smoky flavor in your food, which gives your guest an authentic BBQ experience. It is portable and easy to use, just squirt lighter fluid as per container's usage directions, over the piled charcoal and carefully light a match. Once the charcoal briquettes are covered with ash, you are ready for grilling.

  • Best Product To Refill Lighters
  • Contains no toxic substances
  • Easy to start so you can start grilling faster

ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE FIRELIGHTERS FOR BBQ - Perfect for barbecue nights; Gets the BBQ going.
USE WITH CHARCOAL BBQS - Bird Brand's charcoal starter is easy to use and keeps your BBQ hot!
PRODUCES A NON-SMOKING FLAME - Safer than other fire lighters because the flame disappears quickly.
BBQ CHARCOAL STARTER - Smokeless so it doesn't contaminate food, definitely a BBQ starter essential.

Technical Specifications

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Material Liquid
Dimensions 12 X 3 X 6 Cm
Color Black
Brand Paradiso
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Brand Paradiso
UPC/EAN 8833841093854
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