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Leifheit Wring Mop With Slide Down Hood 56710

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Leifheit Wring Mop With Slide Down Hood 56710
The classic mop combined with a unique wring hood ? this is the Leifheit Wring mop. It offers quick and hygienic cleanliness for the house without hands in the dirty water ? and without needing an expensive bucket for wringing. The particular advantage of the Leifheit Wring mop is the integrated slide down wringer hood. The wringing mechanism is directly attached on the handle. Simply push the wringing hood down and twist, and the strips, made of viscose, have the right wetness. A special bucket is unnecessary; a conventional bucket is enough, or where space is at a premiem, just use the sink. Leifheit Wring mop is unbeatable concerning cleanliness. It has many strips made of viscose and therefore an extremely large surface. With only one wiping it absorbs all dirt. It can easily be moved around every obstacle and cleans stairs efficiently as well as large areas. 3 years guarantee. Supplied by Leifheit, a major European brand of well designed quality houseware products.
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