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Ledlenser LED Flastlight i17R Rechargeable LL500890

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  • Advanced Focus System optics
  • Smart Light Technology
  • Two energy usage modes (Constant Current, Energy Saving)
  • Four pre-set light programs utilizing eight light options
  • Fast Action Dynamic Switch
  • Robust, protective aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • User-friendly modular design
  • Corrosion-resistant gold plated contacts for better conductivity
  • Protective hard carry/storage case


  • i17R LED torch
  • 1 x battery set
  • Floating charge system
  • Intelligent clip
  • Signal cone
  • USB car charger
  • USB power supply

The i17R delivers a surprisingly powerful light beam of up to 1000 lumens which have a maximum burn time of 8 hours, giving you the light you need all day. The robust body of the I series torches is tough and durable with a rechargeable battery giving over 1000 charging cycles. Built for heavy use, the i17R comes with a signal cone and floating charge system so you can keep your torch fully charged and ready for any situation.

Five positions on the fast action selector ring allow access to different outputs. The far left icon is a lock symbol and when in this position the light cannot be turned on with the button. The next icon is a half-shaded circle which turns on in high with one press and another quick press will change to the low output. Once turned on in high, the button can be held down to access the dimming feature and the output can be dimmed between the high and low outputs, releasing the button at the desired output.

Other clever features include an emergency light that switches itself on automatically if the power supply is interrupted or fails while it is connected to the power via the charging cable and when the emergency mode is activated. To activate the emergency mode select the half-circle mode on the selector ring, then hold down the button for 10 seconds and the light will blink four times to show emergency mode is on or blink twice to show emergency mode is off.

The i17R uses a LiFeP04 rechargeable battery pack that is charged inside the torch using the floating charging system. The charging cable consists of three sections, the UK mains plug which has a figure of 8 connection that fits into the power block, and the power block cable connects to the final charging cable which features the magnetic end that attaches to the tail of the torch. Once connected together and the power is on the torch will begin to charge and the indicator on the magnetic connector will turn red to show charging in progress and turn green once charging is complete.

A bracket is supplied that can be wall-mounted and is designed to hold the i17R in place while on charge or it can also be used flat on a surface, but it is not required to charge the torch as this can be done with the torch lay down or even stood on its end if you prefer.

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