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Langlow Wood Worm Killer 5Ltr

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Langlow Wood Worm Killer 5Ltr
LANGLOW WOODWORM KILLER can be applied by brush, sray or dipping or whereby 2 coats should be applied in every case. For use in the extermination of wood boring insects in furniture, flooring, structural and other timbers. To treat dry rot in masonry and brickwork requires a an aqueous fungicidal irrigation fluid. Fungal growth should be physically removed prior to applying a coarse spray treatment of irrigation fluid at a rate of 1 litre per metre squared. In severely affected locations, drill holes at a downward angle into the mortar bed and pour irrigation fluid repeatedly until saturated to refusal. Treated wood for use in kitchens, bathrooms, garden furniture, etc. should be painted, varnished, or polished. All infected or rotted wood should be destoyed by burning.
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