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Langlow Super Filler 430Gm

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Langlow Super Filler 430Gm
FINE SURFACE FILLER is a WHITE super- smooth,dispersion-based surface smoothing and filling compound ideally suited for repairing shallow depressions, cracks and fine nicks within and around interior structures such as window and door frames, decorative beams; skirting; plasterwork; render; architraves and other masonry & timber-based structures. Available in 600gm tubs for spatula applied gap repairs This finely graded ready mixed filler paste can be applied into a prepared repair zone direct from the tub using a spatula to form a tough durable surface repair which cures to a firm finish by the evaporation interior applications but can be sanded to a smooth finish and overpainted with oil or water painted with oil or water-based paints where application in external environments is required.
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Brand Langlow
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