KLAPiT - Picture Hanging Strips (2pcs Pack)

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KLAPiT - Magnetic Multipurpose Wall Hanging Strips for Damage Free Hanging of Photo Frames, Paintings, Clocks,Shelves, Power Cords, Remote Controls, Key Holders, Indoor Plants, Door Bell and many more products


PACK INCLUDES: Two pairs of steel strips connected by a super-strong NED magnet; 4 strips (26mm X 9.3mm) in total & 2 magnets. Perfect for use at home, office or dorm.

REUSABLE: Unlike other hanging strips which are single-use only, KLAPIT is reusable; Hanged-Product can be removed when not in use by sliding it up or down. The steel tapes on the wall & the product remain in their places. This mechanism allows for a quick swapping of products on the wall.

MULTIPURPOSE: KLAPiT is designed & tested with a range of products including but not limited to Photo Frames, Wood & Metal Craft, Television/AC remote controls, Pen-Stands, Clocks, Power Adapters, key-holders etc; effectively anything with a strong, flat & clean surface.

STRONG & VERSITILE: Each pair of steel strips & a magnet is designed to hold up to 500g of weight.

CLEAN REMOVAL: The steel strips leave no adhesive behind upon complete removal.


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KLAPiT Picture Hanging Strips are a unique and innovative solution for damage free hanging of Photo Frames, Wood and Metal craft material, Canvas paintings, small vases, etc. You can also hang TV and AC remote, Pen Stand, clock, Key Holders and similar objects with strong and flat surfaces. Each KLAPiT can hold up to 500g and you can use multiple KLAPiTs for heavier or larger objects. KLAPiT is designed such that each of its components is reusable. You can use KLAPiT on Walls, Wood, Gypsum walls, Glass, Metal and hard acrylic surfaces Contents: 4 Steel Tapes 2 NED Magnets KLAPiT is an assembly of 2 Steel Tapes and a Super Strong NED Magnet.

1) Clean the Surface of the Wall and the product

2) Apply one Steel Tape to the Wall and the other to the product and press them firmly so these are strongly attached to the two surfaces.

3) Place the NED Magnet to one of the two steel tapes

4) KLAP the product to the wall so that NED Magnet is exactly between the two steel Tapes. Reusable - You can remove the product when not in use by SLIDING it up or down (without pulling it).

The Steel tape on the wall and on the product remain in their respective places. You can use the removable NED Magnet to swap the products and on the wall.


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