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AOR Digital Tire Gauge-DTG

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AOR Digital Tire Gauge -DTG
Ensuring that tires are always inflated to the appropriate pressure should be on the top of the list for every driver. Tire pressure should be checked once per month and always before a long trip. one tool that can help make that task a reality is the aor digital tire pressure gauge. Digital tire pressure gauges are more accurate and easy to read while only costing a small amount more than analog gauges. Specifications: - pressure: 0-300 psi / 0-21 bar 0-21 kg/Cm2 / 0-2068 KPA - display: 21X10 mm LCD display - power: 3V lithium coin cell - operating temperature: -5 to 50 degrees c Instructions: 1. Press the “On/Unit/Off” button. Wait for 0 to show 2. Place the nozzle of the gauge on the tire valve stem. Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevent air from escaping 3. Hold the gauge on the valve stem until the reading on the lcd display locks 4. Remove the gauge quickly from the valve stem and read pressure 5. To retake a reading simply place the nozzle over the tire valve again and repeat 6. Gauge will automatically shut off 20 or 60 seconds after use 7. Gauge can be manually turned off by holding “On” button down for more than 3 seconds.Digital tire pressure gauges/Deflators are more accurate and easy to read while only costing a small amount more than analog gauges. Whether you drive a sedan or a large offroad truck, this tool is for you. Designed to read the pressure of all kinds of tires in a matter of seconds, from regular to large offroad tires Heavy duty build: rubber bump guard protects against drops and solid steel components allow the aor digital tire pressure gauge to withstand sand and dust, as well as temperatures between -5 to 50 deg. Celcius Can display tire pressure in multiple units such as: 0-300 psi / 0-21 bar 0-21 kg/Cm2 / 0-2068 kpa Powered by a 3V lithium coin cell which can be easily replaced by removing the protective cover and unscrewing the back of the device
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